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Harvard prospective students

Is it Better to do Single Choice Early Action at Harvard or is it better to do Regular Decision ?

So for the background, I am a ...

-Hook: underrepresented a minority + no test score

So would it be beneficial to apply during the early round to Harvard or would it be better to do this during the regular round?


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a year ago

Early action at Harvard is restrictive, which means that you can't apply ED or EA to any other schools(unless it's ED 2). However, in terms of acceptance rates, restrictive early action is generally higher. So, I would say that you should apply EA unless you have other schools you want to EA/ED to or if you think you can significantly improve your GPA and take the SAT test and get a high score.

a year ago

Short Answer: Early == Higher Competition but higher yields. Regular == Less Competition but less yields.


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