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a year ago

As then juniors are now rising seniors is there a new chat to join or will it just be renamed?

a year ago

Great question @DebaterMAX! We haven't made a decision on what we're going to do quite yet. We like the idea of grade specific communities on paper but haven't quite come up with a way to make them work as well as we would like. Once we decide on how to proceed we'll let you know!

a year ago

Maybe relabel the communities to Class of Insert grad year?

a year ago

Yep, that is something we have considered! Here's something to think about: what would you post in a grade specific community that you WOULDN'T post in Admissions Advice or another one of our Communities? Or another way to think about it is: are there specific things you think a grade specific community could answer for you/do better than our current Communities?

a year ago

What courses to take. And school stuff that indirectly impacts admission. And mental health related stuff and time management but I do fully understand the limited scope.


5 months ago

i want welcome ail of my students and families, i am so

glad that are here and it going to a great year happy start of the and to of the school year i m exciited to see all your

faces again learn new things and of course have some



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