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Is the MOSTEC summer program similar in prestige to MITES? [especially with MITES being cancelled due to COVID}. In the activity tier list, would it be safe to say that MOSTEC is a tier C summer program alongside MITES?

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8 months ago

Hi @bekah,

I think that it would be appropriate to place MOSTEC on Tier C alongside MITES.

Also, you may have noticed that the tier ranking skips D and just goes C, E, F, etc. You can experiment with different levels on your profile to see if your chances change by setting it to levels C, E, and F respectively since F is the lowest that I could see MOSTEC reaching.

When I changed my certain factors of my extracurriculars between three levels like that but kept everything else the same, my chances didn't really change much (by only a 0-5% at MOST). Overall, I would say that just attending the program is what counts rather than the prestige.

Please let me know if you found this response helpful or have any other questions.


8 months ago

I would say MOSTEC is similar to MITES so it should be ok to put it as a tier C program


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