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Do I need more APs or should I continue on my career-courses?

I've taken at least 1 AP every year of high school and at least 1 honor every year but I'm worried I need more. I have room to take more if I give up my fine arts classes (Advanced Acting, Musical Theatre, etc.) but I'm planning to apply as a Musical Theatre/Acting major and I don't want to give up the opportunity for more arts training. Would it be worth it to give up my fine arts classes for more APs or do they even matter as much as continuing with my arts programs?

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9 months ago

One thing to note in making your decision is how many AP classes your school offers. For example, taking 4 AP classes at a school with 10 AP classes is different from taking 4 AP classes at a school with 19 AP classes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it sounds like you like your fine arts classes, or at least enough to say that not taking them would be to “give [them] up.” It sounds like you are really passionate about musical theater, so keep that it mind when making your decision.

Especially if you want to continue with this as your major, you should strongly consider keeping at least some of your fine arts classes.

Another thing to note is that if u plan on taking these classes in college, you might not need to take them in high school. In that situation, you may want to take a few more APs.

Ultimately, this is a big decision and you should definitely weigh your options.

I hope this helps


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