3 years ago

Does anyone else feel like their life is too "boring" to write a decent essay about?

I've been trying to brainstorm essay ideas but I keep feeling like all my ideas are too bland or unoriginal to work for an essay. Does anyone have any similar feelings or maybe advice to share on building a better and more engaging essay?

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3 years ago[edited]

Your not alone, I have always worried about that. I went to a essay writing workshop, this is the biggest takeaways I got.

1. It can be formal or funny, stick to how you normally write.

2. Usually, unless your essay is an actual disaster that looks like you didn't try it can only help you, even if it isn't an award worthy essay.

3. Think of unique things/objects that are essential to you.

For this the counselor gave the example of a student that wrote about overalls. Yes, overalls. Doesn't seem note worthy right? But it was actually one of their fav essays because the student turned a seemingly ordinary item and explained why it was special to her/what it meant for her. To the student the overalls make her feel confident to take on the world. Another example they gave was of a keyring they got a while ago. To them the keyring was important because it signified that they were deemed responsible enough to hold a lot of important keys.

Some other things they said to consider was this:

1. they want to know what your are like on a daily basis, not the one dramatic thing you did five years ago.

2. The essay is a place to say something new about yourself you otherwise would not be able to tell them.

3. don't write a resume, that is what the rest of the application is for

4. So what? Sounds harsh but it basically means that after you read it what is the take away? Does your essay say you are a community person that will do anything to help, or does it show your passion about something unconventional? The takeaway should be something that makes them interested in you, something that makes them say wow, they seem like the kind of person we would want in our school because they fit our values.

I went a bit overboard, oops. Sorry if I confused you more. I hope my rant helps someone. But everyone remember your essay isn't the end of the world. As I said unless you put zero effort and they see that it can only help you at most schools.

P.S. this is also not proofread

P.P.S I just remembered, they also recommend you don't let more than two people that know you well proofread it. If tons of people make corrections it will turn out more about them in their voice than you.

🎤3 years ago

This is AMAZING ADVICE! Thank you SO SO MUCH! I never really got the chance to look into classic essay advice and even when I did it was really confusing but you summed it up perfectly!!!

3 years ago

Aw yay! I glad it make sense even with my grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. To add to it, make sure you proofread.


3 years ago

I'm a sophomore and I'm worried that I will also struggle to find something worth writing about in my life, although. I imagine it must be more stressful and harder since I have my junior year and summer and you're currently in your junior year.

Perhaps you're looking for something too monumental, though. There's been people that have written about little or sometimes silly experiences in their life that greatly presents theirs personality. Maybe you could try approaching it from this angle, if it suits you.


3 years ago

I honestly felt this! I had such a hard time thinking about what to write about because I have done nothing! But I found a way to talk about the bullying I went through, yes its boring and doesn’t make me stand out but adding those little details, and putting it into a narrative added that needed spice. Maybe make a list of negative or positive things in you’re life, things that you had to overcome (this could be mentally, physically, or externally), maybe talk about any disabilities you have, family, maybe you’re adopted or have divorced parents, then talk about that!


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