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Should I take Algebra 2 during the summer

As you all know, Algebra 2 is a full year course and if I take it during the summer they teach it within 1 month, so currently I am taking Geometry and I am planning on taking Algebra 2 next year, but I want to take AP calculus before I graduate, so I need to algebra 2, because there is no precalculus offered during summer and I need to precalculus in order to take AP calculus ab, so taking Algebra 2 during will be tough? Will I be able to get a good understanding on the concepts?

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As someone who tested out of Geometry during the summer and got into Algebra 2 freshmen year, yes! Take that opportunity if you think that you can handle the rigor of the course.

Algebra 2 mainly works on your quadratic, a few geometric, exponential, and trigonometric skills. It might be a little but paced, so I recommend that you use Khan Academy for resources, problems, and explanations if you need them. I have always found it helpful throughout that class, and it always delivers the concepts straight to the point.

I think taking Algebra 2 also takes a bit of time because it will be difficult to understand Pre-Calculus without it and any course requires time to take in all the content, so I also suggest that you do some self-studying to achieve mastery in all parts of the curriculum.

I hope that helps! :)


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