7 months ago

SAT, what do I do about my phone?

I know that if you do bring it it has to be off and you can't use it until you finish. The reason I need to bring it is to call someone to pick me up since because of covid the testing center closest to me is closed so I have to go to one who knows where. I am assuming they will have a phone somewhere at the center I could use but I don't think I will have the brain cells to remember anyone's phone number. How do I go about this? I obviously am not going to cheat but I would rather not bring my phone if avoidable. Am i just making a fuss for nothing?

Sorry this is not proofread, i'm currently to confused to think straight.

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7 months ago

You can bring your phone just make sure to power it off so you don't get a notification. I've taken 2 PSATs, 1 SAT, and 2 ACTs and have brought a phone to each one and I've never had an issue, just make sure to power it off.

🎤7 months ago

Thanks, everything I read said don't bring it but I think everyone forgot the original purpose of phones was to make calls.


7 months ago

just bring it, im sure theyll understand. just to be safe you can ask the proctor to keep it on their desk, they usually have a box designated for phones/electronics


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