5 months ago

id love to get tips

as an international student, my curriculum does not offer any AP classes nor any IBDP, and we aren't also allowed to make our own school clubs :(

i also have never taken the SAT or ACT

what should i do? i feel so left behind as an incoming junior with such little accomplishments...

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5 months ago[edited]

I'm going to be a senior in the fall, while not an international student I get how you feel.

1. Schools only care if you had the opportunity to take AP but didn't. This is because it is seen as going above the minimum requirements. Also it shows them you can do well in college material. If your school doesn't offer any you should be fine.

2. Most schools are test optional for 2020-2022. So the SAT or ACT is not needed, but it can help you if you score well. If your not a junior I can't help you there since they don't know what will happen for later years.

For extra curriculars you probably have some type of hobby you could turn into something tangible. For example my classmate liked to knit for fun so she decided to make hats for child cancer patients. Knitting is something she would of done anyway so win-win.

🎤5 months ago

ahh this really helped and reassured me. thank you so much! <3

5 months ago

Your welcome! We got this!


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