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I'm doing homeschool this year bc of covid and I'm in 10th grade. I haven't before, and I'm planning on going back next year, but I have no idea what it will be like. How hard is the adjustment back to public school? I know this is different depending on where you are, but do you have to do a bunch of placement tests? Or just for Math and English? And what will it be like applying to colleges...will it just be a missing year on my transcript? I don't have technical grades right now, so no GPA. Will that negatively affect anything?

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How were you homeschooled? Did you go through an online class/program or use follow a certain curriculum? If you followed a program and were able to do grade level work and finish the course I don't imagine transitioning will be too difficult because you'll have learned what everyone else in your grade was learning.

For placement tests it's going to depend on the school. You might need to do some or you might not. If you have grades, records, or completion certificates that might help in avoiding any tests. But again, totally up to the school.

For college it might be a bit more difficult if you don't have record of completing the classes or your grades. If you're from the US there are homeschool laws, some require more documentation than others. Hopefully you have some way you've been keeping track of curriculum, grades, test scores, etc. This is something that your school counselor should be able to help you with when you start next fall.


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