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which is the best major for a prospective wildlife veterinarian?

So i want to be a wildlife veterinarian and work with zoo/wild animals, but i'm having trouble deciding on a major between Animal science, wildlife biology, zoology... etc.

can anyone tell me the differences or specifics of each and which ones relate more directly with my intended career? the animal sciences usually relate with husbandry and farm animals and wildlife is usually grouped in with fish,forest and conservation so i really need some advice.

Animal science
Animal biology
Wildlife biology/conservation
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7 months ago

I don't know to much about this field but this is what I think. It would vary on what you would like to focus on.

My Bio teacher is a zoology major so clearly related majors can get you a lot of different jobs.

From my understanding animal science is would be more behavior based, biology would be bio based so topics like animal evolution would be covered, and lastly for wildlife bio/conservation would be around studying current events in wildlife and what is causing them along with what to do to help. Of course these are mainly assumptions so don't take my word for it but you get the idea. Often these scientists will work together and a degree in either could get you many jobs not just in that specific field. I would research what exactly encompasses each major and see which you find more interesting as they can overlap. I hope that makes sense!


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