3 years ago

Planning for life after graduation

Hello everybody!

I'm hoping to both discuss plans for after graduation, and get some advice.

I've known I wanted to go into a medical field for a while now. (I'm a rising senior.) But this year, I spent some quality time thinking about what I want to do within that field. What I'm thinking about now is doing humanitarian work as a physician or general surgeon. Think Doctors Without Borders type work. I know I'm pretty early to be thinking about this, but does anyone have some ideas of what I should be working on now to get closer to that? I already do volunteer work, I'm bilingual(English and Spanish), and I plan on going to medical school to become a doctor. obviously to the last one lol... So, general advice on how to get there?

For the discussion part, what do y'all want to do after highschool? Academically, career-wise, or just in general? Why have you chosen that?

Sorry for the long post, good luck this year!

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3 years ago

Wow, you are pretty talented! If you do not mind me asking, where did you learn Spanish (website or school, etc)?

Also after high school I will be going to a great undergraduate business school for business administration, then after I will be getting a MBA. Once I am done with college I would like to become a financial advisor and hopefully lead in the government like mayor and governor. If you see me running in a few years, you will get to say that you know me haha!

🎤3 years ago

I've taken Spanish in school since 5th grade, but decided I wanted to become fluent in highschool so I joined a conversational club, plus a friend of mine is a native speaker, so I practice with her.

Business is no small feat, good luck and I can't wait to see you run for office someday!


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