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Junior Year GPA and Grades

I am wrapping up my junior year with around a 3.8 or a bit higher GPA- the one thing keeping it from 4.0 is chemistry. I have a B- right now but im not sure i can get it up to an a- by the end of the year. I guess my question is how detrimental is this to my college applications? Is senior year GPA important if I am taking 5+ classes next yr(senior year)? I also got a 3.5uwgpa second quarter.my counselor says colleges know my school has a very hard science dept. so maybe that will help. But i hope its not too late. 3rd quarter i got 4.0wgpa 🤷🏾‍♀️ Feel free to reply with any info you have, thx guys!

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I was told by my GC that the GPA that colleges see is your junior year final unweighted/weighted GPA. However, the first quarter of your senior year GPA might also get looked at by admissions. Just remember that they do understand that the rigor of certain school's courses will differ and they do take that into consideration.

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I think it depends on the type of class and the major you want to do. Im planning on doing a physics major and am in the IBDP curriculum, so the 6 in english doesnt really matter for me


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