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When should I start asking for recommendation letters

Hi everyone! Hope the school year has been good to you all! I just have a quick question, when is it the time to start asking for recommendation letters? I want to start asking but I don't know when is the right time to do it and what kind of teachers should I ask? I'm thinking to major in Musical Theatre/Acting so should I ask someone related to the major I want like my theatre teacher? Hope what I'm saying make sense and thank you to whoever answers my question :)

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3 years ago

Hi! I'm a junior as well and I started planning which teachers I want recommendations from. I've asked 3 and received a response already from two. Recommendations don't HAVE to come from teachers related to what you're studying. I picked 3 teachers that I did well in their class and those I connected with. There a few schools that I want to apply for over the summer, so I already asked. If you have a good teacher-student relationship with your theatre teacher, and you think that they will give you a good recommendation, then go ahead and ask them! It's never too early to ask, especially if you're not sure how timely they are. Hope this helps!


3 years ago

Welcome! Since I am assuming your a junior I would ask now to give them a heads up for when you need them in senior year. This gives them time to actually think about it and do a good job for your letter. My counselor said that schools will usually require two from core subjects. For example I asked my Bio and English teachers as I am doing great in their classes and they are core subjects. In your case I would also ask your theater teacher since he/she/they will probably have good things to say about you and you want to major in something related to theater. How many and from who depends per school so I would look at what your top choices say and go from there.

Today has not been my day (thanks headache) so I apologize if my grammar is super off but I hope I could help some what.

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This is great advice, thank you so much :)


11 months ago

Hello! Nice to meet you - I'm also a junior thinking to major in theatre/acting :) So far, most of the colleges I've researched have asked for a letter of rec either from a academic teacher/counselor for the general application to the college/uni itself, and if you're planning to apply for BFAs, then they'll likely ask for a letter of recommendation from someone who knows your craft.

I'm planning to ask my English teacher for the first letter of the rec, and my drama teacher for my second letter of rec. However, for the second letter of rec, you also have the option of asking any coaches/teachers/directors you've learned or worked with (if you have any), as they might be able to write more on you're personal growth since they most likely worked one-on-one with you.

The right time to ask should be a few months before your application deadline - but you could also just give a heads up long before. If you have multiple teachers you are considering right now, you can let them know the end of junior - like "Hi [teacher name], I was wondering if you would be willing to consider writing my letters of recommendation for next year" or something like that.

I would notify around end of May/beginning of June depending on when your school year ends and remind them again around Aug/September, that way, you'd have at least 2-3 months for them to write and submit the letters before Nov - if you're planning to apply by then.

Please let me know if there are any more questions!


3 years ago


In my expierence (submitted junior scholarship applications that required a rec letter) you'd typically just ask them are they willing to write one and do they know how because if they don't know you that may not be the best person to ask or you could email different material that helps (I can link some if needed)

But Id typically ask my junior years teachers not senior and the teachers you "connect with the most not always the subject and grade. Good if you do no harm in not essentially. As stembound (math/buisness) myself I asked my physics teacher not my precalc teacher and not my APUSH (highest grade).

HOWEVER most schools don't like being bombarded (and some only accept 2) with rec letters so typically get a humanities (art/acting foreign language social studies english) one from STEM one from a counselor. (Optional) Then Id ask a club teacher or a community individual that I have extracircular involvement with and ask for one. Nothing says you have to submit one they write.

However alost all schools that mandate rec letters typically require a counselor and if they are responsible for a lot of people (a counselor at my school has about 400+ people assigned to them)(2450/6) so get your foot in the door and ask over the summer potentially.

Unrealted to question but even if your counselor doesn't know you all that well but can say some tidbit that's still good. Like Bob is a solid student and he's involved in the community he's a great person and student. It doesnt have to be Bob is a phemonal student and whenever I meet him he's always full of smiles. Insert ancedote about him. He was the best student I ever had Id heartily recommend him. They arent more impressive especially if Bob 1 is public school and bob 2 is private school.


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