3 years ago

Pre med for international students ?

Hi ! I'm a junior in high school and I wanted to ask about how accessible it is to study medecine in the USA. I've always been told by my teachers that it's kind of risky and crazy to start your studies to become a doctor in American schools especially as an international student. It seems that the quotas and acceptance rates are very low for international students in general. Is it true and what are great schools I can apply to in my situation ?

Thanks in advance !

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3 years ago

Hey! Not sure if you're aware of this, but in the US, the path to go into medicine is different than in other countries. I'm not sure which country you are studying in currently or what the process of becoming a doctor is like there, but, for example, in India, after 12th grade you go into med college and do 6 (?) years, followed by residency or whatever else you decide to do. Here in the US, after high school you must attain your 4-year bachelor's degree (any major, doesn't have to be science-related, as long as you take medical school prerequisite courses), and after you get your bachelor's degree, you attend 4 years at a medical school, DO or MD (both are equal standing, DOs just get extra OMM training), and then you do residency and fellowship and then become an attending. So it's a lot more time-intensive here in the US compared to other countries. I'm currently a high school senior in the US, but I had to apply to college as an international applicant, so I can speak from experience about admissions for international students - yes, the acceptance rates can often be much lower, but it's all about you and how much passion you show the college/university. Even for domestic students, there are a lot of schools that are extremely competitive, so as an international student, don't focus on the acceptance rates/quotas. Focus on presenting yourself in the most accurate way possible, and get involved in things that you enjoy and are passionate about - inside AND outside of school. Just keep in mind that, in the end, whatever is meant to happen will end up happening - even if it wasn't exactly what you had in mind, things can turn out better in the end :) I hope this was helpful! (Also, to reiterate my point about not obsessing over acceptance rates or quotas, you should apply anywhere that you think would be a good fit for you! Don't apply based on prestige or high international student acceptance rates, apply based on what you think is right for you!)

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Thanks a lot ! Your reply and advice are really helpful ! Have a nice day !


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