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AP Scores

We're in AP testing season, and most students become stressed out from studying for the exam. If we do not score our intended goal, for the sake of this post, let's say anything below a 3, how does this impact college admissions?

Although most colleges are test-optional and give the option of self-reporting the AP score, does choosing not to report it hinder college admissions chancing?

Most colleges are test-optional and give the option of self-reporting the AP score. However, if a student has taken several AP courses (cored As in them) yet chooses not to submit their AP score, will this reflect poorly in an application?

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AP scores themselves actually have a very minimal impact on your admissions chances. Getting all 5s will look good on an application, you might get some college credit, but you're not going to get into a school because you did well on the AP tests.

Choosing not to report your scores might raise some eyebrows, especially if you have several As in other AP courses, but if you're scoring a 1 or a 2 it will be better for you to not send scores than send them. If you end up getting a 3 you're probably fine to submit it depending on where you apply. In general though colleges care significantly more about your grades in the AP classes than the score you get on the AP test.


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