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International Students Problemsss

Okay, so is it only me that feels intimidated here lol. I'm seeing people saying that they have a 3.8 GPA and it's not good enough and Im just here with my 3.44 gpa (which ik trying to improve ofcourse) feeling like a dumbass😂

Also why is it so heard being an international student. Here in Nigeria there are no such things like ap classes and it isn't so easy to take the ap and sat exams, oh and we can only take them once in our final year.

Extra curricular activities aren't that common and even when you join them there aren't all these tiers that college vine has.

We dont even calculate GPA either . To get mine I had to calculate it myself and my friends wanted to calculate theirs so I had to do that too (and it was quite tedious).

I'm just wondering whether colleges acknowledge the fact that some candidates didn't do some of these "extra mile" things not because they didn't want to but because they couldn't.

Any advice on how to make my application more impressive would be appreciated.

I would also love if I could get scholarship recommendations as most of the scholarships I've seen on college vine are not for International students as myself (cries silently but remains beauty).

Anyways good luck to all of us that are International students 💕

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Yes, colleges consider your application in the context of what is available to you. They'll know you didn't have the same opportunities for things as other applicants.

In terms of how to make your application more impressive, it's going to be figuring out how to go that "extra mile" and show, even when you have fewer chances for ECs, you were dedicated enough to find them. And I know that is 100% easier said than done. Does your school have clubs? Consider joining one or making one. If you don't have clubs consider starting the initiative to get them going at your school. Do you have hobbies you are passionate about that you could work with? Are there any causes you care deeply about you could fundraise for? Maybe there are places nearby which need volunteers for something.

In terms of scholarships maybe check out the CollegeBoard site: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search, this site: https://www.internationalstudent.com/scholarships/search, or somewhere like fastweb.com

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Thank you 💕


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