5 months ago

Grades senior year

I've heard that senior grades don't matter because when you apply to colleges, they won't get a chance to put your final grades in the transcript, is this true??

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5 months ago

No, From my understanding colleges will ask for your official transcript and request it be undated after you officially graduate with your complete GPA from all years. It will definitely make you look bad if you go from a straight A student to Bs and Cs second semester of senior year which will also lower your GPA. They want to see you're consistent in your performance. For example it doesn't show anything good of you as a student if you don't try on normal course work but score greatly on tests. That would show them that while you are definitely smart you didn't try your best year round. I can't find the exact words I want but basically it would show you have a bad work ethic.


5 months ago

They don't matter as much as your junior grades but you can't just let yourself go because of school can reject you after they see your final grades. For example if you're an A student or three years of high school you can't just go your senior year and all of a sudden become a C student.


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