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Starting senior year in a couple of months!! But I only did a sport for two years, one club for two years, and orchestra my freshman year. I need good activities to put on my application but am not sure if they will matter since I will starting applying in the fall. What are some clubs or activities that are easy to get involved in so that it looks good for college.

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To be honest they won't matter as much. And colleges don't actually just want you to pick an activity every other year and switch it. When I talked to admissions counselors they said that they would rather see you do the same club all four years than you switch. I know this isn't really the advice you wanted but it's not gonna make much of a difference if you switched every other year. For example if you're trying to go into an Ivy League or into a more prestigious school you should have a point in that point should be things you focus on.

But for the actual question at hand join clubs that you're interested in that's all I could really tell you. Join volunteer clubs if your school has any. Volunteering tends to look good but don't join it if you don't actually care about what you're volunteering for. Or just join the club you like it's not gonna make that much of a difference anymore.


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