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Course Schedule

Hi! I need to finalize my schedule for next year (junior year), and wanted some advice!

I am thinking of taking AP Biology, however am unsure because of my course load. Here it is for reference:

Physics Honors

AP Biology

AP World History

AP Spanish Literature & Culture (I speak Spanish fluently, if that makes a difference & I took AP Spanish Language this year)



AP English Language and Culture

AP Calculus BC

I just wanted some feedback on my courses. Thanks!

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7 months ago

Hi @taac I think your courses are perfect but it depends on you as Im not sure what JROTC is as my school doesn't offer this course.Here is what I took this year for you to reference Art 1, Physics Honors, Algebra 2, AP US History, AP Spanish Lang, AP English Lang and AP Biology. Some courses that I wanted to ask you about is AP World History did you take AP US History or a regular US History. AP Spanish is perfect as I took AP Spanish Lang as a junior this year and you being fluent is perfect reason to take AP Span Lit. But lastly for math did you take Algebra 2 or Precal during the summer or school year since taking AP Calc BC as a junior is quite impressive. Otherwise everything seems good it just depends on what you believe fits for you and if you are willing to keep up with the 5 AP you have in place. Good Luck!!!

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hi! JROTC is like- ROTC but for high school students (basically a replacement for my gym class and centers around the army, citizenship, and public service- it's quite easy imo). I took APUSH this year! And I took pre-calc honors this year as well! Thank you for the feedback/advice! :)

7 months ago

No Problem Good Luck!!!


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