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tips regarding coursework

Hello everyone,

I am from India and I find it difficult to express my coursework to American schools

The frame of reference: in India, you are given 5 main subjects you choose in your junior and senior years which for me are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and English. while they are considered to be on par with AP classes

so my question is, with only these available options what can I do to make my coursework appear better

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6 months ago

Hey @Madhav! Thanks for reaching out with this question. Admissions officers are certainly aware that international students follow a diffrent system and curriculum altogether and have insight on the academic rigor of your coursework. While you may not have access to AP/IB courses, your transcript should give colleges a good idea about your coursework, difficulty and performance.

To help your coursework appear better I'd suggest taking a few challenging courses available to you in addition to the 5 main subjects. I've also heard other students have studied for and taken the AP course outside of school to help show initiative.

I hope this helps!

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okay, thanks for the advice,

A few follow-ups,

1)is there any way I can judge my overall profile to know whether ivy league is a possibility for me?

2)do you think taking this AP test will be worth it?


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