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Are taking these 4 AP Classes too much as a junior?

I am planning to take these classes. I will list my thoughts and the environment of the course at my specific school. Please let me know your own thoughts/personal experience of these courses and if you think this is too much to handle in one year:

- AP Chem: I LOVE chemistry and science. I passed Honors Chemistry with a very high A (although this was in a virtual environment due to distance learning). I generally have a good understanding of chemistry and am very interested in this subject. My teacher gave us summer homework to prepare for the course and she generally has a high passing rate for the AP exam. Her homework load was reasonable for honors and she is not a harsh grader. Although, I am not sure if her teaching style will be different for the AP Class. This is the class I WILL be taking this year no matter what.

- AP Calc AB: The teacher is tough but she has a very high passing rate for the AP Exam and math has always been one of my favorite subjects. She warned us the workload will be a lot, but I generally understand math pretty quickly. I also passed Algebra II/ Trig Honors with a very high A and had the same teacher so I know her teaching style.

- AP Lang: A lot of students told me this class at my school is pretty much the same as an Honors English class (which I have taken before) with just more preparation for the AP exam in terms of the essay and MCQ formats. I have always found English very fun at my school and I really like the teacher.

- APUSH: This is the class I am debating on taking because I have never really enjoyed history. Although, American History seems interesting and the teacher is pretty lenient. Juniors who have already taken his class say all he does is lecture and students are required to take handwritten notes. That's it; the teacher gives absolutely no homework- just tests. I have taken AP World and AP Euro before and the courses were generally easy to understand. I am debating where or not I want to add APUSH to my schedule because 3 AP classes may be overwhelming already, but I do want the American History college credit.

I have a pretty good work ethic and am very organized and passionate about school. COVID made me a little lazy with distance learning but I think I can get back into my normal routine by the fall. My extracurriculars will be playing fall volleyball (August-end of October), running a club, volunteering, and serving a board position with a local charity.

Additionally, the other classes I would be taking alongside these AP's are Theology (required at my school), Spanish III Honors, and Physics Honors

Any input or advice is appreciated :))) Thank you ^^

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Hey! So at my school this upcoming year I’m taking 6 APs. Seeing as you probably want to go into STEM and the teacher isn’t horrid you should take Chem and Calc as you kinda already know. Language I’m taking this year but from my research it’s just honors English 12. And remover that it is an AP class so college credit heavily relies on that class as prep. So I’d recommend taking it. As for APUSH I’m wierd in the fact I love history but am STEM bound. When I took APUSH it was fairly relaxed with no homework at all besides reading chapters - no worksheets and quizzes and test based on that with a few projects thrown in. While not all schools are similiar your expierences indicate it’s likely somewhat similar and it’s largely a modified reading comprehension class for a bad analogy. Assuming you have time and it seems that you do I’d take it as it helps to better show rigor and it’s college credit. However last year I took 2 APs at the same time 3 overall and the workload wasn’t more difficult just different.

Hope this helps!


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You should be fine as long as you can handle course rigor. I personally took 6 aps my junior year and did fine (but because of covid, my grades dipped).


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I think it all depends on your other classes. Like if you are also taking a college course and other honors classes that will also be rigorous, 4 AP classes is too much. But if you think you can handle it, go for it and trust your instincts!


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Yes, 4 is definitely manageable. You should take APush, it is not that hard. Just have to read a lot and if you like reading you will breeze through it. If you score well on AP test then you can get college credit for this and skip taking this class in college.


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