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ACT advice

Hi! I'm taking the ACT for the first time on July 17th and feeling woefully unprepared! (ahh!!)

I've found that kahnacademy's SAT prep course has been super helpful with improving my SAT score, but I've been dissapointed when it comes to finding free ACT prep. Have you been able to find something that works?

I'm feeling pretty stressed out and behind because the test is only a few weeks out and I am a rising senior. Any advice you might have for combating stress and getting the most out of last-minute, first-time-test preparation would be much obliged!

To anyone else in the same boat, best of luck!

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4 months ago

Hi @Yoinkz

I feel you I'm in the same situation as you taking it for the first time on July 17th. What I suggest is try looking into PrepScholar they are a good resource as they have Prep for all major exams like SAT,PSAT,ACT,GRE,GMAT and TOEFL. Anyways what the program does is make you take a diagnostic exam where they personalize your prep based on that test which is pretty helpful to show what you need to work on. Good Luck!!! We both need it ;)

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Thanks @e1118 !!

I like Prep Scholar a lot! I used a free trial for the PSAT...However, the $400 basic ACT course is a little tough to swallow haha...

Sound advice for someone with more than two weeks to prepare ;)

I hope you do amazing!

4 months ago

Thanks you too


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