4 months ago

what should I be doing right now?

Hi! so I'm in between sophomore and junior year right now and I haven't really been doing anything to prepare for the upcoming year besides sign up for SAT tutoring. Is there anything else I should be doing to feel more prepared for the upcoming school year? I'm nervous that my school counselor isn't very knowledgeable or communicative with me or my parents and I really want to be in the best position possible for this upcoming college application process.

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4 months ago

hi! I’m in the exact situation lol but I’m doing ACT tutoring instead of SAT:)

maybe make a plan for next school year and what a “typical” week will look like? junior year is gonna be SUPER busy for the both of us, I’m sure. if you’re super involved with extracurriculars, be sure to factor those in as well:)

speaking of ec’s: if you’re involved in a lot, whittle them down to your interests!! stay involved, but go through a list and make sure everything you’re doing is something you LIKE.

this is the big one- career planning. if you know what you want to do that’s literally perfect. figure out what internships/clubs/groups you can join that pertain to that. for example, for me, it’s politics, so I’ve been looking into page programs at the capital of my state.

HOWEVER, If you don’t know what you want to do/what you’re interested in (which is perfectly valid and VERYY understandable. u don’t need everything figured out.) look back over your entire life (not just hs) and see if there’s any common, long-term interests. take the time over the summer to see what careers pertain to that interest, etc.

you got this girl, good luck to the both of us! we’re gonna crush junior year fs


4 months ago

look for extra curriculars that you will be happy to continue even when things get stressful, make sure the things you sign up for do not overlap too much and decide if you will be able to handle them all.

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yay thank you


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