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Can I get my 2.0GPA to a 3.8 Gpa by senior year?

I will be going into my junior year this upcoming school year and I failed 2 trimesters during my sophomore year, and my current GPA hangs just under 2.0 is it possible to get it to 3.8 by the end of senior year by taking night classes, and by taking college classes during summer break? If I take some IB classes will that also help? This past year with COVID really hurt me academically, and I’ve been working towards a 3.8 GPA to apply to the United States Air Force Academy, I fear that my sophomore year may have messed up my chances.

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3 months ago

Unfortunately I don't think it will be possible. Even if you take weighted classes and do college classes over the summer I'm not sure it would be possible. Check out this and mess around with the desired GPA outcome and see what might be able to happen: https://www.collegesimply.com/gpa-calculator/raise-gpa-from-2.0-to-3.8/.

Maybe a 3.0 is possible if you get straight As, have weighted classes, and are able to fit in extra classes to get counted towards your GPA but even that might not be possible and it looks like a 2.9 is the best you can do. It's possible the US Air Force Academy Prep School might be something which can help. You're automatically considered for the Prep School if your application to the Academy is turned away - so even if you think your GPA is too low it might still make sense to apply. You'll need to crush these next two years and show the Air Force that you're capable of overcoming your previous grades and turning things around.


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