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Time Management?

Hi! I’m a rising junior and haven’t had the hottest track record with time management. I always get hw done (I have a 4.0), but it gets superrr stressful bc I don’t manage my time properly.

I’m taking 3-4 AP classes this year (Environmental Science, US History, Lang, and maybe Psych if there’s room in the class for me) along with Latin 3 and Pre Calc. There’s definitely going to be a lot of homework and busy work this coming year. I also have a job and run a few extracurriculars. Because of … all this lmaoo.. I’m going to be very busy and it’ll be wayyy too easy for me to procrastinate ahh!!

What are ways you’re able to manage your time best? I’m not the most self disciplined person and would really like to be, if you have any tricks that work for you please let me know:))

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3 months ago

Hi @lucyloo

You look very busy :) Don't worry Time management is a big issue for everyone but follow these steps and hopefully, you will succeed.

Being someone who is involved in many things, time management has been a key skill that I have acquired. As we start to become more involved and take on more rigorous coursework our free time starts to become smaller and smaller. Here are some tips on how to be at the top of your time management game.

Stay Focused

Making sure that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing at the moment is important in managing your time. If you become unfocused then that takes time away from doing what needs to be done.

Stay Organized

I have found that staying organized helps keep everything on track. I recommend keeping a planner of some sort. This way you can write down everything and you can never get thrown off guard by a last-minute schedule change.


Prioritizing what needs to be done first helps a lot. If you have an assignment that is due in 20 minutes then you should probably finish the assignment before going on a run. If you have to go into work at 4:00, but your friends want to meet up to go to the mall at 3:30, you already have a prior engagement to go to work and should therefore ask to take a rain check.

Don't Forget Self-Care

Taking time for yourself allows for you to be at your best when it really counts. Taking at least an hour a day to read a book, hang out with friends, or watch a movie is essential to success. When you take time to wind down, it allows for you to be 100% at everything else!

The last thing I would suggest is for you to form a Groupchat or study group where you ask each other your questions to help each other out because that's what me and my friends did during AP Biology due to all of being in a virtual learning setting. Good Luck!!! Hope this helps Let me know if you have any other questions

3 months ago

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Method? It's supposed to help with procrastination and time management. I'd take a look through this article and give it a try: https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/pomodoro-technique.

If technology is causing you to be distracted you may want to consider finding some add-ons for your computer or apps for your phone which help prevent you from getting distracted. Options could range from using an app which blocks access to certain sites, apps which only allow you to use certain apps for a set amount of time (of your choosing) or, if you need to get really extreme, there are some I've seen where a friend/family member creates a password for you and they only unlock your things once you've completed your tasks. These are definitely more extreme options but might be something you could try initially until you're able to stay distraction free on your own for certain lengths of time

3 months ago

That's a lot on your plate, but I've been in this position and I wish someone gave me these practical tips.

Firstly, I wish I valued and honored my hard work and dedication because that would've saved some self-sabotage. Understand why you're doing these things and what's getting you out of bed in the morning. Be gentle with yourself because you're not a machine and colleges understand that.

Next, carve out some time for simply relaxing and winding down whether that's a meditation, a walk in the park, or simply cloud gazing. The more centered you are, the better quality your work will be.

Another tip is to have a medium that you can use to organize your day-to-day tasks. I recommended using google calendar (since you can color-code them), a reminder app, a physical planner, or maybe if you're creative a bullet journal.

I wish you the best in your endeavors!



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