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When to send club proposal to the School Administration ?

Hello, I’m a rising junior and to be short, I’m lacking extracurricular and since my school doesn’t have the clubs I want to be a part of, I wanted to create my own club. I’ve already prepared and created many plans of what to do in the club and several of my classmates are interested in the club I’m forming. The last step, I believe I need to take, is to get club approval from the administration. So when should I send the club proposal to the administration? Like should I send it in the middle of August, or send it in September or October? Thanks!

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I'd recommend sending your proposal ASAP, so you could get your club going as soon as the school year starts (and start making posters or whatever to recruit people!). Good luck!!! What type of club will you be starting (this is for my own curiosity)?


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