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changing majors?

Hi! I'm a rising junior at a suburban private highly religious school.

So basically I've done art my entire life, and I am currently making a portfolio and my ALL of extracurriculars are focused on art. NAHS vice president, art commissioner @student government, etc. (you get the point)

BUT the thing is now I want to become a dermatologist. I know it is random but I actually have been thinking about this since freshman year but was afraid.

So do y'all think if I change my major of interest now ( meaning still doing all the art stuff but adding more medical stuff), would it be still okay even though I started my medical career at junior year? I'm thinking about applying 7 years accelerated program.


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3 months ago

Hi @chae0123

There is nothing wrong with this since obviously :) we are in high school but I would suggest that you add on science classes and/or any ECs that have to do with Science like HOSA, Science Olympiad, UIL Science, or any club that relates to Science. You also mentioned your plans for the 7-year program which is the BS/MD program and it is very competitive and just to let you know the requirements at least a 3.8 GPA, 1480+ SAT, or 33+ ACT. Wishing you all the luck and lastly, the following link is AP Courses based on your plan of study and it will give you a list of courses. Good Luck once again!!!


3 months ago


Yes I think that it is completely acceptable for you to change interest especially in high school. It is very common for people to change majors even sophomore year of college. Just make sure that you now also get some experience in extracurriculars more related to dermatology. Also, make sure you explain in you essays how your interests have changed through the years and why. Why did you suddenly change career path? Discuss that in your applications.

Many schools like students with multiple interests. You might find some programs like a liberal arts program will like that you have a diverse background and then you could focus on dermatology as a postgrad.

3 months ago

Totally! We all grow and change our interests, and you picked a perfect time to do so. Still being in high school gives you plenty of time to start a career in any path you choose. I do recommend talking to your schools guidance counselor to discuss adding extra medical/science based courses.


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