3 months ago

AP Bio and AP Chem at the same time?

I'm taking AP Bio and AP Chem at the same time this year because Physics Honors did not fit into my schedule. Any advice or insight about the two classes? Do they go hand-in-hand? I LOVE science so my counselor thinks I would be able to handle it. I have taken both Bio Honors and Chem Honors in the past.

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3 months ago

The classes are very different, so make sure you figure out what works for you for both classes. They don't really go hand-in-hand, but the first unit of AP Bio is biochemistry, so that should help. Since you've taken both honors already, you should have the base you need.


3 months ago

Yes, should be fine. AP Bio is easier than AP chem though. You would need to spend more time on AP chem. You should be able to handle both.


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