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what should I be doing right now?


I'm an incoming junior and I feel like there's more I should be doing to prepare for college/set up a career path for myself. I am on regional board for my Jewish youth group, I am an active member of my choir, and my ice skating club, and I work on leveling the testing field with a JSA group. I feel pretty confident in my extracurriculars, but a lot of my friends haven written research papers, and done pre-college programs, or done internships, and it makes me super anxious because I don't feel like I have a ton of time to do that, and I feel like the summer is already over so I couldn't get a pre college program done in the next 3 weeks before my school starts. Should I be focusing on SAT prep, or just preparing to do the best i can in school? I want to get into really competitive programs for either psychology or political science but I feel like I just don't do enough for that.

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2 months ago

Hey there! I am an incoming junior as well! I recently went on a college tour and the person who was giving me a tour said that she suggests to start getting recommendation letter requests and your list of colleges you want to attend put together. I’m not as in the know with psych or political science as everyone in my family went to school for the arts or wants to go for the arts so I don’t know what you could do but if there’s a club or extracurricular that deals with those things. Hopes this helps!


2 months ago

Hi! I am an incoming junior as well and I get your struggle. I suggest focusing on your SATs and starting a school list. Once you have your list, you can opt into email lists (if you want to of course) or email questions to the undergraduate committee. This way, you show interest which some colleges consider when looking at your application. If you are still worried, you can try taking edX courses or some shorter online courses about psychology or political science. You can also volunteer in your community, get a job, or if your family has a small business, help around. These are all things you can put as extracurriculars in your application.


2 months ago[edited]

I would suggest focusing on SAT prep and getting good grades. I think your ECs sound really good. Good luck!!!


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