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I see all these people with like 20 awards while I don't even have one to put on my application. I'm not 100% sure about my major yet but I'm leaning towards psychology or premed. What would be some good competitions or things to do to win awards in that area (or in any area at this point)? What are some competitions that you guys have been in that you might like to share? All help is appreciated.

Oh, by the way, I'm an upcoming junior so I'm running out of time :(((.

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Are you in any clubs like Model UN, Debate, DECA, or HOSA?

Those are some great clubs for getting awards. I'm in Model UN and colleges find getting "Best Delegate" very impressive, as it shows off your public speaking skills and ability to research. Even better if you get the Best Delegate award at a college conference! I'm sure there are similar awards in the other clubs as well. HOSA is a good one for pre-med as you can pick your competitions and all it takes to win is studying!

Best of luck.

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Thank you! I'm not in any of the clubs you listed but I'll take a look at HOSA.


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