5 months ago

Hello! Need urgent help! Should I take a break in high school from learning language? (not doing French in 10th)

Hello! Need urgent help! I took French I in 9th grade, and currently, in 10th grade I am wondering if it is ok to not take a language and take french in 11 grade. That is because I am in virtual school now and virtual school doesn't offer AP french, but I plan to be in person next year which my school would offer AP french in person. Would colleges care if I took a break from french in 10 grade just to be able to take AP french next year? Should I just take normal french this year, or take AP french next year(and taking no language this year?)

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5 months ago

Hello, so I am pretty sure colleges don't care about when you take your high school foreign language classes, just that you have two credits of one language. From your situation, I would suggest you do what feels better for you as AP French does sound better. However, if French isn't your strong suit, I would take a French class this year so you have it fresh in your mind for the AP class. I hope this helps!


5 months ago

I recommend taking 4 years in french if you need a scholarship or better chances in schools, either in school or online which allows you more classes in school.


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