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Pros and cons to Ivy Leagues

Is there a downside to going to an Ivy League? Any particular pluses? I'm considering Princeton and have a decent chance of getting in. Thanks guys!

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-The toxic culture. A lot of the people attending are extremely smart which can create competition.

-The price. Most ivy leagues are extremely expensive (although since they have funding, they can also offer financial aid).


-The opportunities. Ivy League schools are well funded so they might have a lot of research and study abroad programs you can take. There might also be more language and elective classes available.

-The connections. Ivy League schools have a lot of connections (especially the alumni group) which can increase job opportunities and starting salaries.

-The rigor. If you like to be challenged in your field of study, you should attend an ivy league. That being said, a lot of non-ivy league schools can also be rigorous (and a lot cheaper).


2 months ago

If you want to go to grad school, it's best to try to save money with community college. You'll thank yourself for the lack of student debt later :)


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