2 months ago

french 4 or ap french?

I had a question. So I am a bit behind in my language in the sense that I will be taking French 2 my sophomore year, and usually people taking french 2 their freshman year at my school. First, would it be advisable to skip french 3? And next, would you advise taking ap french instead of french 4? Thank you!

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2 months ago

Skipping French 3 would probably not be advisable UNLESS you are really good at the language and/or have some background in French. Most of the students I know who skip Spanish 3 have a really hard time in higher level Spanish courses.

Also, I think you should take AP French instead of French 4. In my high school, the AP course generally counts as the fourth year language course, and as long as you try hard in French you should do okay on the AP test.

Good luck!!!

🎤2 months ago

ok thank you so much!!


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