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AP French or AP Com Sci for Self-study

This year, I'm going to be taking the following classes: AP Bio, AP Lang, AP World, AP Stats, Honors Pre-calc, and CIS (Honors, but if I get an A I get credit at my local college) French 4. I want to major in Chemical Engineering and minor in French (although the minor is subject to change, I just really enjoy the language).

I'm debating whether I should self-study AP French or AP Computer Science. I already know the basics of java (lead programmer on my robotics team) so I don't want to take the class and waste time on things I already know (If you think that AP Com Sci as a class would still be good for me to take, let me know). I think taking this AP exam would be a good way to show that I can code, outside of Technovation and Robotics.

On the other hand, I think a good score on the AP French exam on top of four years of French would also look good and might be easier. I have done really well in French 2 and 3 at my highschool (took French A and B in middle school). My school does not offer AP French as a class, but does offer a semester class of CIS French 5 I could take senior instead of AP Chem, although I think AP Chem is more important because of my intended major. I will be taking five AP classes senior year (Lit, Geo, Envir, Calc, Chem and honors Physics) so I am more inclined to self study this year. Last year, which I did entirely online, I got a 4 on the AP US History exam.

My main question is: Which exam score would be more beneficial? Or would it be best for me to focus on the AP classes I'm already taking and extracurriculars? Any other class advice you have for me is very welcome as I get ready to start junior year.


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Personally I think you should focus on stem classes so taking all science classes and math including calc and AP CS would look good as you are majoring in chem engineering. AP French would look good but if you have space issue and cannot accommodate a language class, I think that is ok.


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