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self study aps?

Hi, so I wanted to self-study two APs this year Environmental Science and Psychology. First off would you recommend studying these two? I know College Vine recommends these two but if anyone has personal experience self studying APs, if you could share advice or what class you took and how that worked out for you, that would be great!

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2 months ago

I have self-studied 7 APs over my three-year high school career, and here are my two cents. I also plan on self-studied APES this year.

9th grade:

Psychology - Easily self-studiedly

10th Grade:

Macroeconomics - 3/5 difficulty level but doable

Microeconomics - 3/5 difficulty level but doable

Calc BC - 5/5 difficulty level, so take your time, but if you start early (I started the summer before and spend 2-3 hours a week, it is doable)

11th Grade:

AP Comp Sci A - easily doable

APUSH - 4/5 difficulty level, but some background is recommended (honors classes)

AP Physics C Mechanics - If you have a calc background and want to major in STEM, maybe do it, otherwise not recommended at all.

12 Grade:

APES - I've started studying, and the material is not that hard. It is a lot of memorization and application of vocabulary terms, but it can all be studied with a few weeks of dedicated prep.

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ok, thank you so much! i think i will self-study psychology and maybe AP computer science A since i have already taken AP computer science principles.


2 months ago

Hi there @tanvi.m!

Environmental science and psychology are known for being good tests to self-study for. Both involve a lot of memorization and application of vocabulary terms, which can be studied outside of school.

Hope this helps!

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hi! thank you so much for letting me know! do you recommend any other APs to self-study? and should I study through an online program or on my own?


2 months ago

My friend self studied env sci and got a 5. I would highly recommend self studying env sci. Psychology i am not too sure about.


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