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Suggestions for a junior's schedule changes?

Hi everyone, I am new here.

I am a junior and here are the AP classes I am planning on taking:

AP Calc BC (I took AB last year, with a 5)

AP Chemistry (Very nice teacher)

AP US History (seems like a lot of difficult reading, but I find the material and lectures slightly interesting)

AP Latin 5

AP Computer science A

AP Language and Composition(English has never been my strong suit, but I heard this class will improve my writing skills)

My school is pretty AP heavy and I know 2 people who are also taking 6 AP classes. Most of my friends are taking 5 AP classes.

My question are:

1. How much homework could I expect?

2. Would it be worth it to take fewer APs to work on my weak extracurriculars? I think AP lang and APUSH would be the ones I could save the most time by dropping.

3. Would it look bad to colleges if I took Honors US history or Honors English 11 instead of their respective AP classes? I am aiming for T20 colleges

Take honors US history instead of AP
Take honors english 11 instead of AP
Take both honors english and honors US history
Take both AP Lang and US history (keep current schedule)
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I would suggest taking Apush and APLang as they both are manageable subjects and best part is if you score 4 or above you can get college credit and you donot have to take those again in college. Some schools even give credit if you score 3. It is worth taking AP for those classes. 4 to 5 AP’s are manageable you just need to be organized and study everything day. HW would be around an 1 hour every day for these subjects.

Unless you are going for foreign language maybe you can give up Latin. I am not sure how hard that is but doing 6 AP would not leave any time for other activities so balancing and making time for few extra curricular is important as well.

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Unfortunately, I am trying to get 4 years of language and AP Latin is the next step.

Are there any options besides taking AP latin that would give me 4 years of a language?


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If you are not strong in English, I would go ahead and take English 11, just because if you fail the AP test, then it will reflect on your college transcript.

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My counselor said that Honors US history will have less homework than APUSH


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Hello! I'd recommend not to drop AP Lang because this is the class that gets you ready for college essays! Unless you're already confident about your essays then you should drop them. You're looking at about almost 5 hours a day for homework or more. If you think you can handle this then go for it! If you do drop one AP, I recommend that you do an easier class like Art or something of your interest.


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