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IB Biology or AP Chem?

Hi! I am trying to decide if I should stick with taking AP Chem or switch to IB Biology. I am planning on majoring in Psychology in college and because of this I think that IB Bio might be more helpful - I can also get credit for it. However, I didn't know anything about IB classes when I was figuring out my schedule so I decided to take AP Chem because I did good in it last year. However, I moved to a different school and the teacher for AP Chem is hard for me to follow and doesn't give a lot of instructions. I have also heard from a past student that people who haven't had a class with this teacher before, will usually struggle a lot with AP Chem. I'm not really sure what to do.

Thanks to anyone who helps!

IB Biology
AP Chem
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Biology is the most helpful because psychology, deals a lot with the brain and how it functions, so I don't see how AP Chem would help you in this aspect. As an aspiring psychologist, Biology truly helps me. I hope this helps with your decision!


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I don't think either will be particularly helpful to a psych major. If you don't think you'll do well in AP Chem, try IB Biology. The major issue with IB Biology will be the Internal Assessment. Basically, for the IA you will have to write an essay about some Biology topic based on research or a lab you perform. Most people find the IAs stressful, but... Also, I think all of the IB Biology test will be free response, so there's also that to consider.


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