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I need extracurriculars :(

I am a junior i’m high school and I feel so behind compared to my classmates.My only extracurriculars were Hosa which I quit because I didn’t want to be in the medical field and Soccer which I quit this year because I didn’t have a passion for it anymore.My school does not have much clubs in the first place and I thought about making an art club since I really like art. I also thought about joining Science Olympiad since it has a competition I am interested in but I feel like I need more extracurriculars then that. What are some extracurriculars I could do outside of school?

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I definitely advise signing up for the few clubs you have an interest in, or creating one yourself. It can't hurt to start an art club or join the Science Olympiad, especially if they're subjects you care about.

It can be hard to try and sort out what you want to do in high school, with the mounting pressures of college and work added into the mix. One suggestion I have is to turn this problem into an activity! (That sounds confusing, but let me explain):

1. High schoolers like yourself find that this is their time to sort out the activities they like to do, but don't know where to start

2. What if you provided a service for your school or greater community that helped kids find their passions and provide resources to help develop them?

I did something similar while dealing with depression in my sophomore year. My school is not exactly the friendliest for LGBTQIA+ kids, and I felt that contribute significantly to my mental health issues. One thing I did to ameliorate the situation was email a couple of teachers and our principal to advise them on ways we could make our school more LGBTQIA+ friendly. Today, we are currently developing a plan to put those ideas into action.

Admissions teams love it when you can turn a personal problem into a solution that benefits the greater community. It also serves the function of being a stellar extracurricular that you could be passionate about yourself!

3 years ago

Hi there @aegis,

There are plenty of extracurriculars you can pursue outside of school. You can enter competitions (academic, essay, poetry, etc.) or make your own club. If you have any hobbies or activities you'd like to develop more, consider starting a self-driven extracurricular. These are those that you take the initiative to create on your own and can look really solid on a college application.

Here is a blog article you can reference to get you started: https://blog.collegevine.com/your-complete-list-of-extracurricular-activities/

Hope this helps!

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