3 years ago

moving school in junior year(or senior year)?

Hii so this is probably really late and prob not a good idea to move schools in my junior year for college admission but I really cannot at this school (rich people private schools) and considering moving to diverse private (but has tuition of 1/3 than that of my school) science school. I do art, but I am taking AP chem and APUSH, and of course, AP Art. I want to focus both on STEM and art at the same time. One of the reasons why I want to move school is because of friendships problems and not very diverse( as you might have assumed, I am only Asian in our grade)-racism. and in addition to my anxiety and body insecurities problems that people used to make fun of.

I want to make a new life and start new high school life.

Do you guys think it will impact my college admission if I move school?

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3 years ago

Hi there @chae0123,

Moving schools is fairly common amongst students and are usually due to extenuating circumstances such as yours. Before moving schools, I would ensure that your credits will transfer smoothly and that you will be able to take the courses you need in order to graduate and fulfill the academic preparation requirements at your prospective colleges.

You can write about moving schools in your Additional Information section of the Common Application and also describe the obstacles you overcame through your essays to help admissions officers understand the reason for your decision. I would also recommend that you speak to your school guidance counselors (both at the current and new school) and other adults you trust to help guide you as you navigate this decision.

Hope this helps and best of luck!


3 years ago

Look at any different classes your new school may require for graduation that your old one didn't so that you can be sure to end high school on a good note. Changing schools shouldn't hurt you, as long as you keep on top of your academics and try to join some extracurriculars at your new school! Good luck!


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