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Self-Studying AP Calc BC and AP Physics E&M

This year, I am planning on self studying AP Calc BC, AP Stats and one AP Physics course. After taking a look at all of the AP Physics exams, AP Physics Electricity & Magnetism appealed the most to me. I know that self-studying these three APs will be very time-consuming, but the topics genuinely interest me. Do you guys think that E&M is too difficult to be studied alone? Is it fine to study for E&M (which is calculus based) while learning calculus at the same time? Thanks in advance!

Take another AP Physics exam
Only self-study AP Calc and Stats
Take these three courses and challenge myself
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Hi there @venturap,

You're right in that self-studying for three AP exams, in addition to your regular coursework is a big commitment. If haven't self-studied for an AP exam before, I'm not sure that taking three is a good idea unless you strongly believe you can score well on each exam. Getting 2 5's will look a lot better than getting 3 3's.

That being said, this also all depends on your other coursework. If these are the only 3 APs you're planning to take and your high school does not offer honors or AP/IB courses, this could be a good route to showing admissions officers your academic strengths.

Studying calculus at the same time as E&M should be okay if you've demonstrated a strong history in math courses and are confident that you can stay on top of the coursework. That being said, the study materials you choose may go at a different pace than your coursework in your Calculus course, and it might be hard to lesson plan for yourself and adjust accordingly.

No matter what route you choose, you need to have a solid understanding of the time commitments and also a dedicated study schedule. It's easy to put off self-studying, so you'll want to look online for resources and study materials to keep yourself on track. I commend you for your intellectual curiosity and wanting to take on this endeavor!

Hope this helps and best of luck!


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