2 months ago

How do I best prepare for my AP exams? I am doing AP US history and AP human geography

I am in 11th grade

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2 months ago

The number one thing you should do is find APUSH and APHG practice tests online and take them. If you can't do anything else, taking a practice test a couple of times will really help you. Quizlet, absolutely. Quizlet is an online software (it also has an app) where you can access flashcards and learning material for pretty much every class out there. It's free and I highly suggest you use it. But taking practice tests is your first priority. Good luck, hope this helps.

2 months ago

So, I took both APHG and APUSH. I got a three on APHG and a five on APUSH, and I learned a lot from taking both tests (even though I earned a better score on APUSH).


1. Find good Quizlet sets for each unit. Learn those sets. Memorize the terms.

2. I was incredibly surprised by the small font on the test. If you have reading glasses, use them. Also, try to find what the actual tests look like to familiarize yourself with that.

3. Don't rush through the FRQs, but make sure you don't move too slowly. On the FRQs, I misread the clock and thought I had much less time than I actually did. If I'd used the time better, I know I could have done a lot better on the test.

4. Learn the graphs and acronyms. I almost missed a question because I forgot what an acronym was.


1. Read historical fiction. It helps you learn about events in history in a way that sticks so you can use that information for the writing sections on the test. Even if it's not American history, it helps. My two favorite authors that write historical fiction are Jennifer A. Nielsen and Melanie Dickerson.

2. Learn how to get points on the writing portions of the tests. Don't miss the easy points because you forget to do them.

3. When studying, focus on things you learned during the class that you hadn't learned before. Those topics will be the hardest to answer on the test.

General advice:

1. Make cheat sheets for the tests. In 2020, I did it day of the test (most would not recommend this), and it really improved my grades on the test because I was so much more familiar with the information

2. Don't be afraid to go into tutorials. I know it can be embarrassing, but teachers are a lot more helpful in one-on-one lessons.

3. Practice real AP test questions. Just familiarize yourself with the test.

4. Go over any test/writing in your AP classes with your teacher. Even if you don't get any points back, it is EXTREMELY helpful to know how you can improve your writing.

5. On the free response sections, DON'T worry about writing in a formal tone. The tests I have worried less on about how formal my writing sounded, the better I did.

6. Find groups to study with. Solidarity helps. A lot.

7. If you know people who have taken these tests, ask their advice. Especially if they've had the same teachers. If you have them, older siblings are great for this because they probably know your thought processes fairly well.

Hope this helps! Good luck!!!


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