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Hello all! I have a question, do colleges look at your GPA from all your years of high school individually OR do they take all your GPAs and make an average?

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Some colleges do and some do not. They do not round but each year is an important part. If you were getting 4.0 every year except for freshman, maybe a 3.4, then your chances will go down. So yes they do look at all four years, but they also make a not average so if you got a lower GPA one year then your score will probably go down in admissions. Keep in mind that every year of high school is important, but also that if you did really bad in freshamn year but increased it over the next years, it shows you have increased!

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Thank you so much! That really helped! I’m relieved now

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Awesome, good luck!


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Your GPA is all high school classes put into one. So if you took a high school class in middle school then it'll also be part of your GPA. Probably the easiest way for you to know what will be used to calculate your GPA is to contact your counselor about obtaining your unofficial transcript because it'll have all the classes & grades on it that go into your GPA.


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Please accept my answer if this helps!


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