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I need some serious study/time management tips

The transition back to in person school has been pretty difficult for me because I have a lot of difficult classes and feel like I'm always cramming. What's helped you guys to get rid of the procrastinator mentality and stay motivated??

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19 days ago[edited]

The best way that I have stayed motivated in school is to remember why I took a specific class or a certain difficulty. It could be that it includes something I am passionate about or that it would prepare me for the career I want. If I can’t do well in that class, then how can I do well in my dream career?

Also, if you are taking any difficult classes now or in the future just for the sake of padding your college application, you will struggle to find motivation. Wanting a high class rank or to impress admission officers won’t get you very far. If you are not very interested in a class, it is better for your GPA and mental health to take a different class or an easier version of a class.


14 days ago[edited]

Hey @olivia_05! Currently, I am in my senior year and I could tell that it might be challenging to keep up with friends, classes, etc and get a high GPA. However, you could install on your phone some focus apps like Forest, use pomodoro technique, active recall, practice questions, especially in Math start with easy examples, make schedules there are plenty of free templates on Instagram ( I would recommend “thestudypie”). Separate the score from yourself and study smarter not harder, which means use some memory tips like visuals, try to understand the concepts first, revise what u studied in the school the same day and 2 days after or so.

As for procrastination, it will take time to adapt but keep in mind you are working towards a goal. Set a time for social media, turn off your notifications, Don’t sleep next to your phone, unfollow accounts you don’t love and start looking for ones that are inspirational and have motivation content. You could also use screen timer and a lot of more techniques!

Good luck and I hope I helped:)


19 days ago

I felt the exact same way as you and I'm a straight-A student so I really need to stay on top of things, but like you, I don't usually want to. I try to get stuff done right away before I don't want to do it. If I do homework right after school I'm more likely to finish it than at 10:30 at night.


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