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I'm taking my SAT tomorrow, what are a few things I can do to properly pace myself?

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Bring a watch (digital preferably) to check time

Bubble as you go

If you can't figure out how to do the problem, choose an answer (even on the free response), mark it as one you need to look at again, and move on to the next question. If you have extra time and still don't understand how to do a question, doodle on the page with that question (it's helped me figure problems out before)

Make sure you use the calculator whenever you need it on the calculator section (you might not need it for 2+2 or 3745, but if you're going to take longer by writing it out, use the calculator)

If you're religious, pray for help and peace before you begin the test. Prayer has brought me peace and clarity of mind, which I needed for many of my tests.

Good luck!!!

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Thank you!! that helped a lot, I had panicked a bit but, I managed to focus.


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