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What classes/ECs for Industrial Engineering major?

I am currently a sophomore and I am interested in majoring in Industrial Engineering. I have a 3.89 GPA and I have taken (and am currently taking):

- AP Computer Science Principles (9th grade)

- Honors Chemistry (9th grade)

- Biology (summer)

- Geometry (summer)

- English 9 (9th grade)

- World History (9th grade)

- French 2 (9th grade)

- Intro to Business (10th grade)

- Honors Pre Calculus (10th grade)

- Physics (10th grade)

- VS.Net (C# class 10th grade)

- AP Statistics (10th Grade)

- AP Psychology (10th grade)

- English 10

- French 3 (10th grade)

I am currently participating in Model UN, FBLA, and Robotics. I am also in ASDRP (research prgram) and I am attending a High School Enginering Program offered by Berkeley. What APs and extracurriculars should I consider if I want to major in Industrial Engineering?


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Hi there @tanvi.m,

If you're planning to major in engineering, you should aim to complete advanced coursework in STEM by the time you apply to college. Consider doubling up on math or science if your school allows you to take multiple of these courses per semester. We have a recording for a comprehensive guide to choosing AP classes as a pre-engineering student - https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/3996/choosing-ap-classes-engineering

As for extracurriculars, you'll want to develop a spike of some sort that aligns with your prospective major. The high school engineering program and research program definitely good extracurriculars, but you should also consider creating your own engineering projects or leading the Robotics (or another tech club) team at your school. I'd also recommend keeping up with either Model UN and FBLA if you plan to have leadership positions (more than member status) within them.

You can check out this guide for a more thorough prep list, but I hope this answer helps for now! https://blog.collegevine.com/becoming-a-mechanical-engineer/


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