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SAT study tips

Hi I am in grade 11 and I am taking the SAT in december. I was wondering if anyone had any good and smart study tips to achieve a high score.


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2 months ago

Hi! Here are some tips that helped me go from a 1210 (practice test) to a 1520!

1. Take many practice tests and review your answers after taking it

2. Develop concrete pacing strategies for each section (ex. 10 minutes for each reading passage, use extra 15 to go back to the worst passage) - (Pacing strategies work differently for everyone)

3. Familiarize yourself with the different question types and learn the signs of bad answers

4. Be familiar with your calculator's functions, and remember different circle and right triangle formulas

5. Lastly, think of a target score (ex. 1540), this dosen't work for everyone, but I was more motivated to get close to that target score.

These don't work for everyone, but helped me improve by 310 points!

2 months ago[edited]

Use Khan Academy (this was the main tool my sister, a national merit scholar, used to study). While doing Khan Academy, take notes!!!

Read a lot of books (to improve vocab and get a better understanding of grammar)

Make sure you understand what you are doing in your math class.

If you are weak on a certain subject in math but aren't in a class that covers it, see if the teacher for that math subject would be able to go over it with you.

Learn how to use a graphing calculator.

Not a testing tip, but... if you are eligible to receive accommodations from College Board, I would definitely recommend getting them (even if you don't necessarily NEED them. Some examples I've heard of for types of disabilities that get accommodations are: ADHD, seizure disorders, hearing loss, auto-immune disorders (causing joint and food issues), and learning disabilities. Getting extra time or even a testing room with fewer students helps a lot.


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