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Is there a difference between SAT book editions?

Hello! This year I'm taking the SAT. I was wondering if there is a difference between Erica Meltzer's: "The Critical Reader, Fourth Edition: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading" and the third edition. Is there a major difference between the fourth and third editions? If so, please name them. Thank you :)

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2 months ago

While I'm not familiar with this particular test prep book, I'd suggest looking on the website that you purchased the book (or websites where the books are available if you didn't get them online) to see what the differences are, as the company will usually state what has been changed or improved.

That being said, the SAT itself hasn't changed in format since around 2016, so I think any book that was created after and caters to the new test format should be a good resource!

Hope this helps.


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