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How worth it is a leadership position?

I was made one of three captains of my school's mock trial team at the beginning of the year. I was so excited because mock has always been my favorite extracurricular and I have been very devoted to the team. This year has not been the same. I was put on a sub team with newer members not interested in doing well. I am not on a sub team with any of my good friends I made in previous years, meaning they will likely be the team that goes to state and I will not get to go. I also have personal drama with several members on the other team and seeing them is emotionally difficult for me. But I love the competitions, and don't want to simply forfeit this leadership position. My academics are great and I have plenty of other extracurriculars but I feel this captain spot really rounds out my applications. But four AP classes, debate, robotics, speech, and an internship is a lot and I feel like my dread of mock trial is affecting how well I do in the rest of my life.

My dream schools are Northwestern, Caltech, Rensselaer, and Columbia, likely Chemical Engineering major (my classes and other things are in more of a science direction). My end goal in all of these extracurriculars is to have fun, but college is always on my mind.

Do I quit? Is this leadership position worth the stress? Help!


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3 years ago

Follow your gut. Try not to live for college, but for yourself. If you feel that you don't like mock trial anymore because of your situation, either take a break from it or quit.

Quit - more time, more fun?, less continuity in your ECs

Stay - less time, opportunity to solve a challenge (get the newer members motivated, maybe try to get to regionals -> leadership, could be a great essay/personal growth), also more continuity (3+ years of one EC is really good)

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