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Grade trend

Freshman year 1st semester started out with B+/A- average then slowly climbed to A-/A average 2nd semester. Sophomore year, first semester was A average and second semester was A/A+ average. Now in junior year, with all APs and honors, I’m back at a A-/A average. How will top schools view my academics if I continue with an A/A- average for the rest of high school? will this be an upward grade trend or downward grade trend?

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2 months ago

I wouldn't even say that you had any downward/upward trend. Sure, you improved from A- to A+, but that's not too huge of a difference and can just change based on circumstance/teacher/classes rather than how much effort you put into it. But also, many colleges don't even see the +/-, so they'll only see an A or B, meaning you had some B's in freshman year but then all A's in the rest of your transcript. Thats very subtle, and a few B's isn't the kind of upward trend they are talking about. I think they're talking about C to A or D to B, not B+ to A if you understand what I'm saying.

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Hey, great question. I find that the higher the grade level the more rigorous course work is offered. Top colleges will actually consider more rigorous coursework such as AP and honors to be more impressive. Especially if when completed you have high-level AP test scores such as 4s and 5s. Overall colleges are going to see an upward trend, from B-As freshman year with lower-level courses, to stagnant A's the more you advance to more difficult courses. With the information provided A/A- won't be very important since your transcript will just say A or B. As long as you're making A's and staying in the hardest classes provided by your school you are definitely on the right track to an impressive transcript and application profolio!


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