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Bio or Chem Major?


I am currently a junior in high school and I am interested in majoring in a science in college (pre-med track). I absolutely love chemistry (I am in AP Chem right now) and find it super interesting but it is not my best subject (85-90% range) because I struggle a lot with problem-solving and the conceptual aspect. However, despite how hard it is I really do want to do better. In addition to AP Chem, I am also in AP Bio and I am doing pretty well in that class (97%). But, I think the reason for my high grade is that the rigor of the class is not up to the standard of the actual AP course because my teacher does not really know what he is doing. I never found biology particularly interesting because it seems like the same concepts are being repeated over and over again. In fact, the only chapters I have found interesting so far are the biochemistry topics. I am debating whether to major in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry in college because I am a little torn between pursuing the subject I love, but am very good in, or the subject I perform well in but do not thoroughly enjoy. I would like some advice from current students in the majors. Thanks!

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choose the major you love! that’s a lesson i had to learn this year because the major i’m interested in is kind of out there, but definitely do chemistry if it’s what you love. college is already going to be expensive and stressful, you might as well do what you love. don’t major in something you don’t like and then regret it years later. have fun with it!


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pursue the subject you love! you will do better in a class that you enjoy, and will have the drive/motivation to put the necessary work into it because you love the class and its contents!!


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I don't think you would find any current students here since we are mostly undergrad applicants here but here is my thoughts.

Since your not sure (as almost every student in our position is) I would recommend trying to apply to schools that offer all three of those majors. That way you can change your mind without having to transfer schools to pursue that major.

Another thing you could look at is what type of work you could do with a degree in those fields. You may like chemistry better now but maybe a job better suited with a bio degree is more interesting to you.


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Hi @nc4131,

Due to the grade difference, it might raise your admissions chances to declare biology or biochemistry as your intended major--unless you have a substantial extracurricular accomplishment in chemistry. If possible, raise that chemistry average to at least the 90s. Even if you cannot do that, demonstrate your dedication to chemistry in class. Ask questions. Go in for extra help. Let your teacher know your interest. That way, you will get an excellent recommendation. Most colleges would rather see a student take an AP course and get one B than a regular course to get an A.


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Try multiple classes in college. You don’t have to declare a major until the end of your 2nd year. You will need Bio and chem classes for booth majors so try both classes. Biochem is more pathways and molecular biology, so if you like that you can try a class in that to before deciding your major.


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